The museum is home to a variety of objects, photographs, archives and displays, including items from our local history and a unique collection of historic communications equipment.

Our hands-on exhibits are always popular with visitors who enjoy writing with a feather pen and ink, typing messages on the typewriter, dialing the old telephones and operating the exchange or mastering morse code. Explore old fashioned clothing, militaria, domestic life, cameras and photography, radios, music – you name it we probably have one!

The heritage kitchen is complete and functioning and occupies the space it did in the days when our museum was also the postmaster’s house.

Do you love shoes? We have an amazing collection and the best parts of it are now on display. Including one of our most popular exhibits – the pair of shoes worn by Sir Robert Muldoon when he called the snap election in 1984.

Coming up in the next twelve months will be a dedicated farming and milling display which celebrates our regions past, in particular the area and families of Reikorangi.


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