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Letter to Bob Mason from Sir Jack Hunn
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Single piece of white paper, preprinted letterhead, typed. 19.1 x 14.8cm.
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[Letter to Bob Mason from Sir Jack Hunn. Robert (Bob) Mason was station master from 1970 — 1986.]

Sir Jack (Kent) Humm CMG
17 Keruru Street,
New Zealand
14 December 1986

Dear Bob,
What a happy thought it was to send me Keith Sinclair's biography of Walter Nash — me old mate. (I had a 'run—in' with him when he was my Minister; but we hit it off quite well really.) So thank you sincerely for a lovely Christmas surprise.
I"m glad you liked my own book. I tried to make it interesting but some readers probably found it a good cure for insomnia!
It was good to hear what had become of you. I had wondered about that every time I (illegally!) crossed the railway line and carefully looked both ways, knowing you were no longer at the station to save me from being flattened by a big engine sneaking up silently.
You are sadly missed in Waikanae. After all those years of cheerful service to the local community you were a popular institution — one that is often taken for granted by people until they lose it.
The poor old station looks really deserted these days. Worse still, they've erected four big hoarding on SH1 at the north end, ready for huge unsightly advertisements that will make Waikanae look as garish as Picaddilly.
Thanks ever so much for continued kindness. Happy Christmas to you both from Mabel & [signed] Jack Hunn.

[Reverse blank].

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Letter to Bob Mason from Sir Jack HunnLetter to Bob Mason from Sir Jack Hunn