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Post Office Receipt
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22 single sheets of paper, 7 x 10.5cm
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Receipts, rectangular white paper with black print and handwriting in ink for parcels that were sent from the Waikanae Post Office, mostly bound for Auckland or Wellington. Each receipt has the New Zealand Post Office logo at the top along with a stamp which has Waikanae Post Office and the date the receipts were issued between 1976 and 1977 with a signature.

Receipt reads:

[At the top is the Post Office logo] NEW ZEALAND POST OFFICE


[There is a line that has crossed out the following]

*Telegrams/Toll Calls/Stamps [In hand written ink] 1 parcel

* to [In hand written ink] Wellington

[On the left hand side is a purple stamp] WAIKANAE N.Z. 22 APR 1976 P.O.S.B 1[In hand written ink] Signature

[In the middle] Received
[On the right side is 2 boxes] $ [In hand written ink] 1
c [In hand written ink] 16

[On the right hand side]
Date Stamp
Tel. 76

*Delete as required.

[Reverse blank]

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Waikanae Post Office ReceiptWaikanae Post Office Receipt