Two New Displays and Future Plans!

Our hardworking Committee is pleased to announce two new displays –


  • Women’s Suffrage in New Zealand. Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Women gaining the right to the vote in 1893. 
  • Down Memory Lane. Display of photographs of then and now. A series of local photographs taken some 100 years ago and retaken in the present day.

 We are also working on a display of the old Waikanae Hack Racing Club memorabilia which will be on display from the beginning of August 2018. The Racing Club only existed from 1904 to 1914.

Be sure to visit soon and enjoy an interesting and informative time at our Museum. We would love to see you!

Visitors from the North

Today Kapiti Coast Museum was buzzing with the excitement of discovering new (but actually quite old)  treasures as we hosted Amateur Radio operators from the Napier and Hastings Amateur Radio Clubs!  Some of these folk had visited in the past but for many it was a new experience. For some it was a trip down memory lane as they became reacquainted with radio transmitters they had operated in the past on ocean going liners, for others the opportunity to identify WW2 equipment such as our transmitter and receiver from a Lancaster Bomber. We also put the museum radio station on the air and one of our visitors used our ZL6KCM callsign to make a contact. We also found that Peter, one of our busy committee members, is a dab hand at freshly baked scones – thanks Peter! The museum is always happy to host larger groups for visits such as this. Please contact us well in advance so we can be sure to make your visit both memorable and successful.

Waikanae School Students are “Cobblers for a Day”

The past two weeks have seen over 200 school students from Waikanae School visit the museum and partake in ‘shoe-themed’ activities.  They saw shoes, learnt all about the variety of materials shoes can be made from and then had a go at making a pair for themselves.  The results were extraordinary and varied wildly.  From kiwi jandals to boots made almost entirely of sellotape, the students had no shortage of imagination when developing their own style of shoes.  A visit enjoyed by museum volunteers almost as much as it was by the students themselves.

A Homecoming

A print of the oil painting of Wi Parata Te Kakakura by Gottfried Lindauer was unveiled at the Kapiti Coast Museum on Saturday 19th May.  After a moving ceremony at the Whakarongotai Marae in Waikanae, the print was received and blessed by the local Iwi before being transported to the Museum at 9 Elizabeth Street, Waikanae where it is now on display.  Wi Parata was an influential Maori leader and land owner in Waikanae and a member of parliament in the late 1800’s.


“Keiths Road” – 2011 ANZAC display

Keith Watson (pictured) joined us on ANZAC day to celebrate this exhibition, which followed his journey through life and war.

Through Halfaya Pass in North Africa to ‘La Strada’ in Italy, Lance Corporal Keith Watson drove for the length of the New Zealand campaign during WWII… and then some.

Following the African campaign he participated in the parade for Winston Churchill, witnessed the bombing of Monte Cassino and was on active service at the end of the war in Europe. Serving for almost five years, Keith has many a story to tell.
When not interrupted by war he kept bees, raced boats, turned wood into art, raised a family and grew flowers.
A contrast if ever there was one.

THANK YOU Keith, for the opportunity to tell your story and show the life of a soldier at war and during peace time.