Communications Equipment

We are in process of sorting and cataloguing these important items.Currently the radio room is closed for upgrade  but we are happy to take  interested visitors in!  Who knows- you may want to join in the exciting sorting and reshelving!  An impressive range of amateur radio transmitters and receivers, morse keys and telephone equipment was the backbone of the museum from the early days. We  have several working telephone exhibits and are only too happy to teach younger generations how early communications (before internet) worked!


We have a “ham shack” (amateur radio transmitting station, callsign ZL6KCM) and regular use of this is currently being organised – please contact us if you are interested.

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The first telephone exchange in the district. The operators became a focal point for information in the community and they could undoubtedly tell many interesting stories today.

Interview with Wilf Wright







From Back Blocks To High Seas – the use of wireless telegraphy in the 1930s.  We have an extensive collection of the items used to provide services such as this in the early days of telecommunications. Film clip courtesy Archives New Zealand.

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