Dinah Leaves School

The museum was recently contacted by a book collector in Napier who found the book “Dinah Leaves School” by Marjory Royce at a second hand book store.  He contacted the museum offering us the book as it was a school prize, presented to Edna Carter of Standard 5 Reikorangi School in 1918.

We now have the book in our collection and as well as being a valuable addition due to its local provenance, it is a quaint example of a girls’ book of that era.  The chapter headings give an idea of the story: “Chapter III She Is So Unpractical!”; “Chapter X She Watches A Love Affair”; “Chapter XII She Becomes Churchy”; “Chapter XV She Makes A Rice Pudding”; “Chapter XVI She Plunges Into Domesticity”; Chapter XVII She Gains Common Sense” and finally “Chapter XVIII She Grows Up”.

It was no doubt considered highly appropriate for young ladies at the time!