Paraparaumu School Photographs

After the devastating fire at Paraparaumu School, we were saddened to learn of the loss of archives and photographs.

The museum has copies of eleven of the photographs that were lost and we have now made copies of these and donated them to the school.  We know it does not replace all that was lost, but it is hopefully of some help, especially with their upcoming celebration in November of 125 years as the Kapiti Coast’s oldest school.


Paraparaumu School Main Gate 1915
Paraparaumu School Main Gate 1915

‘Party Lines’

Lorraine Wootton, former switchboard operator at the 'Party Lines' exhibition launch.
Lorraine Wootton, former switchboard operator at the ‘Party Lines’ Exhibition.

Party Lines: The Story of Waikanae’s Early Telephone Exchange Operators

Mahara Gallery, Mahara Place, Waikanae

This is an interactive exhibition featuring photographs, filmed and recorded oral histories of the Waikanae’s early manual telephone exchange operators.

In photographing the exchange I wanted to reveal the beauty of an object that could appear to look very boring indeed. Thus the photographs had to span documentary and artistic approaches. Through this series I also want to show the gradual decline of the manual switchboard and the rise of the new automatic exchange.  – Jack Penman

The exhibition is on at Mahara Gallery until 8th June.  

Former Switchboard operators from the Waikanae Telephone Exchange
Former switchboard operators from the Waikanae Telephone Exchange

Music Box Tune

This 1950s Japanese made musical jewellery box has been in our collection for some time.

Musical Jewellery Box
Musical Jewellery Box

We would love to know what tune it is playing.  Please listen to the recording by clicking on the ‘Music Box’ link below, and contact us if you recognize it.

UPDATE… Thanks to Sarah for her email, she informs us that the tune is ‘Sunrise Sunset’ from Fiddler on the Roof.

Music Box