“Keiths Road” – 2011 ANZAC display

Keith Watson (pictured) joined us on ANZAC day to celebrate this exhibition, which followed his journey through life and war.

Through Halfaya Pass in North Africa to ‘La Strada’ in Italy, Lance Corporal Keith Watson drove for the length of the New Zealand campaign during WWII… and then some.

Following the African campaign he participated in the parade for Winston Churchill, witnessed the bombing of Monte Cassino and was on active service at the end of the war in Europe. Serving for almost five years, Keith has many a story to tell.
When not interrupted by war he kept bees, raced boats, turned wood into art, raised a family and grew flowers.
A contrast if ever there was one.

THANK YOU Keith, for the opportunity to tell your story and show the life of a soldier at war and during peace time.